Investment advisory and trust administration tools built for you and your beneficiaries.

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Investment advisory services specifically designed for pooled trust administrators, trustees, guardians, and fiduciaries.

Trust Solutions by True Link

For Pooled Trusts

Automate your trust back office with software and wealth management designed with your needs in mind. Our services include asset management, sub-account administration, disbursement tracking, records maintenance, spending plans, cash management and more!

For Individual Trusts

We provide individual trusts the same robust software and our wealth management team works one-on-one with clients to understand their specific needs and customize a strategy that's tailored to meet every financial goal.


Special Needs Trusts  |  Family Trusts  |  Discretionary Trusts  |  Pooled Special Needs Trusts  |  Revocable Trusts  |  Irrevocable Trusts  |  Spendthrift Trusts  |  More

Our White Paper:
Pooled Special Needs Trusts Best Practices
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Read the report to learn more about

  • Effective beneficiary communication strategies

  • Technology used to simplify trust operations

  • Staff retention and how it can be affected by market cycles

  • Wealth management watch outs


We customize our online system for your organization’s specific roles and needs. With everything in one place, you can say goodbye to clunky accounting software. Simply log in online and access account information from any location with bank-level security. Adjustable user roles and permissions and a one-click disbursement approval process make it easy to record discretion. Beneficiaries can even submit disbursement requests online or via mobile phone, and they’re instantly uploaded. It’s an incredibly complex system – that feels effortless.


Our online disbursement system makes it simple to get beneficiaries what they need quickly, easily, and in compliance with the terms of the trust. Make one-time payments, automate bill pay, or set up recurring transfers for preauthorized expenses. Choose to make these disbursements via check, electronic transfer, or the True Link Card.


True Link takes reporting and compliance seriously because any misstep could compromise a beneficiary’s well-being or eligibility for benefits. Our system ensures efficient and accurate recordkeeping, easy tax preparation, and compliance with the latest rules. It’s easy to demonstrate discretion for approved disbursements – something that the Social Security Administration requires of trustees. You can even track spending patterns through our online dashboard.

Trust & sub-accounting software

With True Link, you’ll have new tools for trust administration. Our trust and sub-accounting software was developed to handle today's most challenging trust needs. The sub-accounting features allow trust administrators to easily and securely access, organize and navigate between beneficiaries accounts, create custom reports and approve requested disbursements.

Disbursement fulfillment

Our suite of disbursement fulfillment tools will save you time and money. With True Link you can easily create one-time and recurring disbursement requests, set customized approval permissions for team members and choose from multiple payment method options, like electronic transfers, checks, wires, and True Link Card.

Beneficiary portal

True Link allows your clients to stay connected with our beneficiary portal. We can provide your beneficiaries secure logins to their True Link account to view account balances, make disbursement requests, download statements and more!

Paperless documentation

True Link helps clients develop a paperless environment by providing tools and experience to digitally store and disseminate information and files. Digitizing documents can empower your team to efficiently communicate with multiple stakeholders and ensure everyone is working with the most up-to-date information.

True Link Card Integration

The True Link Card offers a simple way for trust administrators to manage trust disbursements. The card can be set up to prevent purchases at grocery stores and restaurants and all access to cash, all while only allowing purchases at approved merchants. It is designed to enable the trust beneficiary or their advocate to safely purchase what the trustee has allowed  — and nothing else.