Families turn to True Link
to help navigate life’s challenges

Payment cards, investment management, and other financial services for older adults, people with disabilities, and people recovering from addiction.

The people we serve

Older adults

Support greater independence and dignity and protect loved ones from scams

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Special needs

Make purchases using funds from a trust or family member with greater independence

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Recovery from addiction

Enable day-to-day purchases while preventing setbacks on the road to recovery

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The services We Offer

The True Link Prepaid Visa® Card

  • Payment cards you can customize to work where you need them to – and to block where you don't
  • Use the card at the grocery store or the gas pump but not with telemarketers or at liquor stores
  • Saves time and headaches for families and professionals
  • Promotes independence and quality of life for loved ones and clients
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Investment Management

  • Investment portfolios specifically designed for retirees and people with disabilities
  • Integrated systems for anyone protecting the assets of a family member or client
  • Available assets can be used to pay bills, issue checks, or put money onto a True Link Card
  • Assistance preserving records and controls necessary for Medicaid eligibility
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Five pillars of smart investing

Best practices combined in one effective approach.

Time-based allocations

Your spending needs result in separate investment allocations for money needed during different years of your life.

Investments and annuities

We use annuities as an insurance vehicle when it makes sense for you, providing lifetime income at a low cost.

Modern Portfolio Theory

We employ modern strategies such as low- cost ETFs to help keep costs low and avoid risk beyond what is inherent in the market.

Bond ladders to help avoid loss

Planning to hold bonds to maturity
can help avoid unnecessary principal loss in a changing interest rate climate.

Personalized to your needs

We account for health and demographic factors, as well as spending needs, because each person has a unique profile.

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Customers rave about True Link

Carol H.

Kansas City, Missouri

"It's a huge dignity issue. It's all about dignity and giving them a sense of freedom. You guys were a lifesaver. When I found you I was at my wit's end. If I could stand on a mountain top and yell about you I would.”

Stephen W. Dale, Esq., LL.M

National Special Needs Alliance

“True Link has incredible expertise. I'm confident in their services and refer my clients often to take advantage of their depth of knowledge and dedicated team. Their offerings are the one of the most valuable innovations I've seen in this industry. They are the wave of the future.”

Research & resources

Financial Wellness in Addiction and Recovery

In our new report, Financial Wellness in Addiction and Recovery: Hard Truths and Real Consequences, we present some of the first national data to look at the intersection of finances and substance use disorder, including the top financial challenges people face in recovery.

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Pooled special needs trust best practices

True Link's Pooled Special Needs Trust Best Practices report sheds light on the processes, systems, and priorities of successful pooled trusts across the country that are serving people with disabilities.

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The True Link report on elder financial abuse 2015

The fraud research community has long suspected that losses due to elder financial abuse were worse than the $2.9 billion previously estimated. True Link’s data science team, looking for clarity and an accurate assessment of the problem, decided to tackle this question head-on.

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True Link Financial is announcing its new partnership to provide True Link payment cards to STABLE Account holders. STABLE is the leading national ABLE Act program, launched in 2016 by the Ohio Treasurer’s Office, and now the official ABLE program of twelve states. The STABLE Account program is used by customers in all fifty states.

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PBS’s NextAvenue covers our research into financial wellness in recovery:

If you’ve seen the recent movies Beautiful Boy or Ben Is Back, you’ve learned about the pain parents experience when their grown child becomes an addict. But what the films don’t talk much about, and what’s rarely discussed, is the devastation addiction can do to the finances of the people with substance abuse disorders – and their loved ones.

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We’re excited to announce that, because of the unique customization options we offer, the Social Security Administration (SSA) specifically clarified how True Link Cards can be used to make disbursements from special needs trusts (SNT) for beneficiaries who receive Supplemental Security Income. As long as they are used according to the guidelines in the POMS, True Link Cards provided by a trustee to SNT beneficiaries are not countable as income or as a resource.

Read the full text of the SSA's update