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The Next Step CARd from True Link 

While your loved one is in recovery, you want nothing more than to encourage their independence without having to worry about their safety. True Link is here to help. The Next Step Card from True Link is a reloadable debit card that enables you to provide funds to a family member or friend in a secure, transparent fashion. You determine when, where, and how much money can be spent, while your loved one is able to purchase what they need safely.

  • Decide where the card works
  • Easily load funds onto the card
  • Receive helpful notifications
  • Prevent setbacks on the path to recovery

Spectrum of support

We all need support in our lives, but the amount and type needed differs from person to person. With the Next Step Card from True Link, you can choose the level of support that’s right for your unique situation. If things change, no problem. The support settings can change too!


  • Cardholder manages the account and decides where the card can work
  • Read-only access can be granted to a supporter

Steady support

  • Cardholder and supporter work together to manage the account and decide where the card can work


  • Supporter manages the account and decides where the card can work
  • Cardholder can access balance and transaction history, but cannot change card settings

Customized card settings

With our user-friendly online dashboard, it's easy to customize how the Next Step Card from True Link works.

Concerned about spending habits?
Block trouble spots like online purchases and bars.

Need help with budgeting?
Set a transaction limit.

Want a card just for the essentials?
Allow only gas, food, clothes, and pharmacies.

Have a specific store in mind?
Set up the card to work only at merchants you select.

Problems managing cash?
Block ATMs, cash back, and bank withdrawals.

Breathe a sigh of relief. The Next Step Card from True Link is here to help.

Provide funds safely and quickly

No more stress around making purchases for your loved one, buying gift cards, or handing out cash. The Next Step Card from True Link is reloadable and easily funded online or over the phone. You can rest easy knowing your loved one enjoys greater independence and quick access to funds.

  • Load money onto the card in real time
  • Transfer funds from a checking account, trust account, or other funding source
  • Schedule recurring transfers and auto reloads
  • Make one-time transfers on an as-needed basis

Receive real-time alerts*

Learn about a problem before it's too late – find out about potential issues right away via text message* or email. We'll let you know when a transaction is blocked, a spending limit is hit, a balance drops below a certain amount, and more.

* Standard messaging rates apply.


Works everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted


Monthly fee is just $10 – a great value


Exceptional support from people who really care


Bank-level security from a team of fraud experts

Wonder how True Link works with our current customers? View sample case studies to get a clearer picture.

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