Some of us led nonprofits. Others worked on Wall Street.
The one thing we all have in common: A passion to serve older adults, people with disabilities, and people recovering from addiction.

Executives, Investors, and Advisors

Claire McDonnell

Co-founder and COO

With a background in management consulting, venture capital, and product development, Claire oversees all business and functional units at True Link, while also developing key partnerships and client relationships.

Kai Stinchcombe

Co-founder and CEO

Kai’s experience building data-driven financial products combined with his personal passion for financial security in retirement drove him to launch True Link Financial.

Louisa Day

Senior Trust Services Manager

After spending years both managing a large pooled special needs trust and then working as an AVP and trust administrator at Wells Fargo, Louisa ensures the highest level of service to the clients we serve.

Peter J Wall

Director of Fiduciary Services

With over 18 years of trust administration experience at nationally chartered banks, Peter is the Director of Fiduciary Services for True Link.

George Guererro

Head of Investments

George brings a huge depth of experience to True Link Financial from his 20+ years at AXA and Wells Fargo. He was selected as a David Rockefeller Fellow and has an MBA from NYU.

Brent Kirk

Director of Sales and Enrollment

An "unrelenting executionist" and sales leader, Brent manages True Link's sales and enrollment teams, developing partnerships with current and prospective clients.

Isaac Elias


Isaac brings incredible skills & military discipline to his role at True Link Financial. He ensures that the software remains secure and useful for our clients’ best interests.

Paige Kirstein

Operations & Product

A former Bain & Company management consultant, Paige joined when True Link had fewer than 10 employees. She has successfully scaled True Link's services with no sacrifice in service quality.

Rik Lopes

Account Management

Rik's decades of client service experience enable him to ensure that True Link's clients are supported with the highest standard of communication and partnership.

Arnie Whitman

Principal, Formation Capital

Strategically leading the investment and growth of $6B in assets, Arnie has an exclusive focus on innovation for aging, health, and senior housing.

Frank Rotman

Partner, QED Investors

Frank was one of the earliest analysts hired into Capital One and spent almost 13 years building many of the company’s business units and operational areas. Now a partner at QED Investors, he serves on True Link's board.

Jon Soberg, CFA

Consumer Financial Services

Jon has over 18+ years experience in consumer finance and was listed in 2015 as one of Forbes’ top financial technology investors. He also lectures at Wharton Business School.

Alexis Ohanian

Initialized Capital and Y Combinator

As the founder of multi-million member community Reddit, Alexis has an expertise in financial investing and high growth capital unmatched by most people in Silicon Valley.

Chandra Chaterji

Principal, Strategy by Chaterji

A scientist at heart, Chandra uses rigorous analytics and data science to lead companies to success. He is also an adjunct professor at UC Davis.

Michael Liou

Director, Citi Private Bank

Michael spent over 20 years on Wall Street, 17 of which he spent at Goldman Sachs helping clients thoughtfully implement various investment strategies.

Paul Buchheit


Paul is an active investor in numerous companies and is the creator of Google’s slogan “don’t be evil.” Paul also developed two of the top five most-used products on the internet: Gmail and the Facebook News Feed.

Tom Tinsley

Advisory Director

Tom is an advisory director at General Atlantic, a global private equity firm, where he has worked since 1999. Currently, he serves on the boards of BMC Software, and Guidestar USA, Inc.

Debra Wohlrab

SVP, PLM Retail Banking

With over 13 years as a VP at Mastercard and another 12+ years in finance, Debra brings a deep expertise in financial operations and compliance.

Mitch Kapor

Partner, Kapor Capital

As the founder of Lotus and pioneer of the personal computing industry, Mitch now devotes his time to investing in companies with a positive impact on the well-being of their customers.

Garry Tan

Managing Partner, Initialized Capital

With $160M in assets under management, it’s no surprise Gary was awarded the coveted 30 under 30 and one of the top 50 angel investors in Silicon Valley.

Michael Seibel

President, Y Combinator

As the president of Y Combinator, the most prestigious funder of early-stage startups, Michael is one of the most well respected investors and advisors in technology. He also served as the finance director for a US Senate campaign.

Katy Fike

Aging Innovation Expert

A PhD gerontologist, Katy is one of the most sought-after experts in Silicon Valley in innovation for aging. She sits on the Board of Directors of the American Society on Aging and the Family Caregiver Alliance.

Advisors and Investors

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Ten years ago, True Link CEO Kai Stinchcombe and his family discovered that his grandmother was writing multiple checks to fake charities every month. They were shocked and angered to learn that she had already been conned out of tens of thousands of dollars in retirement savings.

When Kai began researching how the financial services industry was addressing the protection of retirement savings, he didn’t like what he found. From fraud prevention to investment planning, very little was being done to protect the finances of the millions of adults in retirement, including those who could not care for themselves.

As a serial technology entrepreneur, Kai saw an opportunity for financial institutions to step up and advocate more for their customers, especially for retirees wanting to preserve their savings instead of risking losing it all. 

In 2012, Kai joined forces with Claire McDonnell to start True Link Financial, the type of financial institution that he would trust to serve his family – one that always puts its customers’ best interests first and takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to get the best, most ethical tools in the hands of those who need them.