Some of us led nonprofits. Others worked on Wall Street.
The one thing we all have in common:
A passion to change how people save for retirement.

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George Guerrero

“I left a job where I was helping invest billions of dollars for giant banks and insurance companies. Nothing is more important to me than family – I’m doing this for my mom.”

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Kai Stinchcombe

“I used to manage a division at a national nonprofit organization. It was the way the banks treated my grandma that got me involved in True Link.”

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Kai Stinchcombe

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Ten years ago, True Link CEO Kai Stinchcombe and his family discovered that his grandmother was writing nearly seventy-five checks to fake charities every month. They knew how generous she could be, but were shocked and angered to learn that she had already been conned out of tens of thousands of dollars in retirement savings.

When Kai began researching how the financial services industry was addressing this problem, he didn’t like what he found. From fraud prevention to investment planning, very little was being done to protect the finances of the millions of adults like his grandmother.

As a serial technology entrepreneur, Kai saw an opportunity for financial institutions to step up and advocate more for their customers, especially for retirees.

In 2012, Kai started True Link to create the type of financial institution that he would trust to serve his family – one that always puts its customers’ best interests first and takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to get the best, most ethical tools in the hands of those who need them.